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Get started in Vfx & MULTYMEDIA COURESE with this introductory, hands-on class. Learn Adobe’s and multimedia publishing software. his beginner Animate course is geared towards designers with no formal training with Animate who are looking to move further into interactive design.


This is our early batch. Sit available for 20 students each batch. contact us to avail the courese at minimum fees.


Price Options
₹1,000.00every month for 6 months
    1. Professional activitise on Graphics Designes
    2. Adobe Photoshop cs6 profforiional learning
    3. Photo manuputation
    4. Matte painting in photoshop
    5. Professional learning of story scripts story board
    6. Shooting, editing, sound design, dubbing of film.
    7. Adobe premier Pro professional learning
    8. Professional motion graphics design
    9. Logo Animation
    10. 3D matte painting in After effects
    11. 3D & 2D Camera tracking
    12. Rope, Wire removel
    13. Professional Rotoscopping
    14. Commercial editing
    15. Green Screen, Blue screen re oval
    16. Roto & Paint
    17. Professional Composting
    18. BG modeling for film
    19. Dynamics effect creation in After effetcs
    20. Trapcode Particular suite
    21. Eevelopment of demo showreel
    22. Development of VFX breakd down.
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